Help (Frequently Asked Questions)
How do I join?

Simply input your Bitcoin wallet address and you will get a new account.
Next time you come back just input the same address to log in.

How to start playing?

Simply click Play button, then Join the game and wait till the game starts.
Solve the questing as fast as you can, compete with other players and try to become first! TOP-10 players will receive prize.

Game rules

Players have 1 minute to join the game, and after that 1 minute to solve 30 simple questions.
Players who solved more questions in less amount of time will have higher place in rank.
If game is already started, just wait until it finish and you will be able to join.

How the prize pool is distributed?

The prize pool is distributed in the following order:

Place Percent
1 50%
2 20%
3 10%
4 7%
5 4%
6 3%
7 2%
8 2%
9 1%
10 1%
How big the prize pool is?

Prize pool is calculated by the following formula:

Joined players * 0.00000001

For example: if 300 users joined the game, the prize pool will be 0.00000300
Also Bonus multiplier can be applied. For examle: 25x BONUS

I joined with Blockchain / Coinbase (or similar wallet) and my address has changed.

Don't worry! You will still receive your payment! All your old wallet addresses are still associated with your Blockchain/Coinbase (or similar provider) account. Read more about it here for Blockchain and Coinbase.

How to withdraw my Bitcoins?

Just click your balance on the top and follow the instructions. You need to reach the minimum payout threshold to get paid. The payments usually take a day to process.